Green Labs Program

Thank you for your interest in the ASU Green Labs program. Laboratories are responsible for disproportionately high energy use, often consuming 3-8 times the energy use per square foot as compared to office buildings. Typically due to the nature of lab operations, labs have high energy and resource use. Lab operations involve increased ventilation requirements for occupant safety, longer operating hours, and energy intensive equipment needs such as chemical fume hoods, autoclaves and clean rooms.

The ASU Green Labs Program assists in reducing energy use and implementing other sustainable practices through education and alternative solutions. Based on a successful lab sustainability program at University of California - Santa Barbara, Environmental Health & Safety has developed an Green Labs program for ASU. The ASU Green Labs Program supports the ASU Sustainability principles through evaluations and implementation of energy and resource conservation practices within labs.


Attain Green Labs Certification

  • Verify your lab has a current EH&S Laboratory Safety Registration.
  • Verify the lab group shares agreement to pursue ASU Green Labs Certification.
  • Designate a Green Lab Coordinator for the lab.
  • Complete an application and self-assessment for ASU EH&S Green Labs certification.
  • Green Labs Documents